18 November, 2022


Welcome To Satay Plus

We are selling Satay Plus in New Zealand. We would like a hands-on approach in working with our Retail shops. The outlets include Bakeries, Takeaways, Restaurants and there is also Home Customers.

We are distributing SATAY PLUS - Apsara 

Satay Plus is a product of Satay Limited made here in New Zealand.

Satay plus is the satay peanuts free,

 With this product you can add:

Peanuts  if you  would like too,   

Coconut cream to make it into mild curry  

Or simply serve it with salad dressing.

This Satay plus is the cocktail of many Asian spices 

and includes herbs to bring out the taste of Asian flavours  along with the  health benefits derived from those spices.

The satay dish is very popular throughout Asia. 

The taste varies from one country to another. 

This Satay plus  is another part 

of  the family of Satay. 

No added preservatives

No Monosodium glutamate (MSG)

No artificial colours

* Availabe also at Fresh and Save Supermarket , Manukau